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2oz Dropper Bottles 

Triple Extracted and potentized Maitake.

Ready to use Liquid drops to add to your drink.  

1 month of daily supplement use. 

Preserved in ethanol. No refrigeration necessary.   

Where does it 

come from?

Hen of the woods is primarily found in the Northeastern U.S. and Canada, as well as in hardwood forests of Europe and Asia. Japanese lore tells of Buddhist nuns and woodcutters finding large amounts fruiting from the ground and dancing with joy, hence the name Maitake or, "the dancing mushroom."

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Why is it good for me?





The specific Beta Glucans in this mushroom have been shown to activate Natural Killer (NK) cells. 


A supplement for healthy immune system function, as well as its ability to help support healthy cholesterol, healthy blood pressure and healthy blood sugar.

Maitake has been utilized as a digestive support, as an antioxidant, and for its ability with inflammatory function.

​​ What is that?

Why, it's Hen-of-the-Woods! It is known as Maitake in Japan. With a little imagination and a little peripheral vision it could potentially be mistaken for a hen.

In the Catskill region, maitake grows mostly under oak but can also be found on elm, poplar, and occasionally maple trees. The best time of year to find this mushroom is in the autumn. If you find maitake growing on a tree you should take note of its location because in subsequent years you are likely to find it fruiting in the same spot. It is always an exciting treasure to find when it is ripe, especially considering the flavorful taste and the abundant health benefits of this mushroom. 

Hen of the woods / Maitake

Grifola frondosa