Lion's Mane - Bear's Head - Pom Pom

Hericium erinaceus / Hericium americanum / Hericium coralloides

"Nature's Nutrient for the Neurons" is not only a delicious edible but is potent with benefits for the brain and nerves. 

Health Extracts

Turkey Tail - Coriolus

Trametes versicolor

One of the most common mushrooms in the northeast U.S. is also the most extensively researched with large scale clinical trials.   

Maitake - hen of the woods

Grifola frondosa

Not like any hen you've seen before this mushroom promotes healthy circulatory systems and inflammation response. 

Reishi - Ling Chi - Varnished Conk

Ganoderma tsugae / Ganoderma lucidum 

Known as the "Mushroom of Immortality" in Asia, the healthy benefits have been utilized for thousands of years. 

Chaga - Clinker Polypore - Cinder Conk

Inonotus obliquus

Known for its immune supporting properties, this fungi has been hailed in Russia and Eurasia for generations.